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Top100Startups provides entrepreneurs with guidance, tools and resources to launch their idea for lasting success. From ideation to creation, funding to operations, we are a central hub for creating, evolving and managing your business. Additionally, we help you get the business license you require; help you write your business plan and connect you with government or private funding to start your company. 

Dr.Sasan Haghighifard


Dr. Sasan Haghighifard was the CEO of Top100startups, he was a talented entrepreneur who was the Founder and CEO of both Top100startups Ltd., and Brainacademy Inc. Dr. Haghighi had an outstanding academic background, he was a senior researcher in cognitive neuroscience. His focus was on computational modeling and mechanistic explanation. He was interested in western philosophy and modern physics more specifically astronomy.

Farinaz Taheri


Based on years of solid executive experience, Farinaz plans and develop short and long-term goals, and strategies, and ensure the company’s compliance with the stated mission. She oversees and evaluate the success of the company. Farinaz is also a licenced paralegal and immigration consultant who has been a member of Law Society of Ontario since 2013.

Saba Farokh

COO (Chief Operating Officer) /Mentor

Saba oversees operational functions of the company and is a business advisor and a marketing strategist with more than 10 years of management experience in various fields. Her analytical thinking skills made her a great researcher. She manages different projects and provides applicants with various solutions to improve their business.

Romina Arian

CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) /Mentor

Romina manages finances and creates goals, policies and procedure to ascertain the efficiency and compliance of the company benefiting from a decade of vast experience in this industry She got her Bachelor degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Minor in Business Administration, and got her BBA in Human Resource Management from Simon Fraser University.