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Brain Academy

Brain Academy is an on-demand eLearning platform with the mission to educate students and professionals in various disciplines to enhance skills, education and professional development.

Brain Academy, offers an interactive educational platform based on the MOOC (Massive
Open Online Courses) system. The Company’s educational platform will feature a number of
courses, including informational and educational preparation courses for newcomers in
Canada, seven core courses in digital marketing, a course on how to start a business in
Canada, cognitive neuroscience courses, business management courses, and a business plan
writing courses.

All of the Company’s courses will be created by highly skilled professionals.
TOP100STARTUPS LTD. will focus on creating a small and flexible team that will be able to
satisfy the increasing demands of potential clients. In addition to the Company’s team of
experts, the courses will be created by individuals who are business experts and who are
willing to transfer their knowledge by creating online courses. Top100Startups. will focus on attracting experts from renowned universities and corporations. The Company’s
educational platform will also feature premade courses from TOP100STARTUPS LTD. ’s
competitors, in order to increase the diversity of the offer.

Furthermore, the Company will target individuals who want to improve their work skills and
those who want to start their own businesses in Canada. TOP100STARTUPS LTD. will attract
these individuals by providing attentive customer service, developing and maintaining client
relationships, and by improving courses based on client feedback.

Top100Startups Ltd. will offer an educational platform that will feature the following courses:

The educational platform will be based on the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
system. The Company’s courses will allow individuals to improve their skills in the areas of
project management, operational management, business plan development, competition
analysis, market research, start-up management, business development, and finance.

The Company’s courses will be developed by a team of experienced academic and corporate
professionals that have comprehensive knowledge about each of these categories. In
addition to the Company’s team, the courses will be created by the platform users as well.
These users will be business experts who want to share their knowledge and skills. These
experts will be able to create their own online course and communicate with students. By
allowing these users to create their own content, TOP100STARTUPS LTD. will increase the
diversity of the offered courses while being able to ensure the quality of its offer.