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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

Top 100 Startups transforms amazing ideas into market-ready products (MVPs). We work with both startups and established businesses so, whether you’re searching for a one-stop shop to bring your project concept to market or simply need assistance with the next stage of your

What Top 100 Startups Brings To The Table as Your Product Development Partner

Introducing new products to the market nowadays can be difficult and risky. It might be difficult for businesses to decide where to start and what to avoid. New innovations and entering into new product lines or markets can often require the acquisition of new talents or expertise, even for more established organizations.

As your product development partner, Top 100 Startups assists you in saving time, money, and risk by allowing us to take care of the design and prototype concepts of your product idea before moving into full production.

Industrial Design (ID) Services

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept Sketch Design
  • Detail Sketch Design
  • ID-Sketch Proposal
  • 2D Design(2D-Rendering & PPT)
  • 2D Design Proposal
  • 3D Design(3D-Rendering & PPT)
  • 3D Design Proposal
  • 3D Modify
  • CMF
  • ID-Prototype

Manufacturing Design (MD) Services

  • Structure Kick-Off Meeting(Confirm function & Hardware)
  • Surface Appearance Design & Separation
  • Structure General Design
  • Structure General Design Proposal
  • Structure Detail Design
  • Structure Internal Review & Modify
  • Structure Design Proposal
  • Structure Modification & Confirmation
  • BOM & Prototype Document Preparation
  • Prototype Test

Electronic Design (ED) Services

  • Product Function Principal Analyze
  • Product Function Confirm
  • Electronic Device Selection
  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Dimension Confirm
  • Layout Design
  • PCB Sample
  • PCB Component Soldering
  • Electronic Test
  • Electronic Solution Confirm

Software Design (SD) Services

  • Function Verification
  • Communication Protocol Define
  • Software Frame programming
  • Software Function Part Programming
  • Joint-test

Prototype, Design & Tooling Services

  • MD-Prototype Making
  • Structural Drawings Optimization
  • Structural Drawings ID Confirmation
  • 2D, 3D, BOM, CMF Preparation
  • Final Design Modifications
  • Packaging Design
  • Drawing & Contract Preparation
  • Tooling Drawing
  • Tooling Order

Product Testing Services

  • DFM Confirmation
  • Tooling Making Process
  • First Shot (T0)
  • Test Equipment & Jig Preparation
  • Engineer Sample Material Preparation
  • First Engineer Samples Build
  • Product Safety Approval (BIFMA)
  • First Sample Performance Verification
  • First Sample Performance
  • Verification (CUSTOMER)
  • First Modification
  • Command (CUSTOMER)
  • The Second Modification Process
  • Second Shot (T1)
  • The Second Engineer Samples Build
  • Final Sample Review
  • The Second Sample Review (CUSTOMER)
  • The Second Modification Process
  • The Third Shot (T2)

Trial Production Services

  • The Third Engineer Samples Build
  • Final Sample Review
  • The Third Sample Review (CUSTOMER)
  • Sample Confirmation
  • Pilot Run
  • Engineer Test
  • Summary for Pilot Run

mass production & continual improvement

  • Manufacturing Process & Product Optimization
  • Product Approval Meeting
  • Long Lead Time Material Order (Mass Production)
  • Injection for Mass Production
  • Assessment for Mass Production
  • Product Shipment
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